Profiling Machines

Kama Technology is a manufacturer of profiling machines for profiling steel and aluminum. Own line: Inspired Machinery.


For the needs of our customers we have developed the production of machines for profiling steel and aluminum. Many years of experience in designing and constructing profiling machines resulted in the creation of our own line of Inspired Machinery profiling machines, which apart from high efficiency of work are distinguished by their compact construction and modern design.
At Kama Technology we value clever and ergonomic solutions. That is why our profiling machines have been reduced to the smallest possible size. The customer can purchase the machine as a basic option or as a fully automated measuring and cutting machine. The machines have been designed in such a way that it is possible to produce two different profiles on 1 machine with the option of changing rolls and further development of production.
We are experts on manufacturing of machines designed for the production of profiles for window blinds - rails for venetian blinds, tubes and bottom rails for roller blinds, profiles for pleated blinds, rails and slat holders for facade blinds. We will also successfully create machines designed for the production of profiles used in other industries. We have already solved issues related to the construction and automotive industries. We can be helpful in starting up production of various closed and open profiles. Among our projects you will find machines producing profiles for ventilation grids, furniture rails, cabinet guides, profiles and reinforcements for PVC windows, ceiling rails, profiles for gates and fences. We invite you to contact us!

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