• Owing to our experience and expertise, KAMA Technology is able to deliver even the most sophisticated, custom made project for our customers. We cooperate with numerous domestic and foreign companies, supplying our original solutions to such industries as: windows and window blinds manufacturing, lighting, energetic, aviation, automotive, metallurgy, plastic processing. Our creativity, know-how and highly skilled manpower, allows us to handle various advanced tasks. Top-of-the-range machinery gives us an ability to conduct diversified projects from the field of metals processing:

    Our services:

    • - development of machinery (cutting and punching machines, stamping dies, injection molds, machines for roll forming of steel sheets, etc.),
    • - production lines development,
    • - EDM, CNC machines,
    • - grinding,
    • - stamping,
    • - milling,
    • - drilling,
    • - projects with use of cemented carbide,
    • - consultancy services.
    Moreover, through years KAMA Technology specialized in development of tooling and machinery needed to manufacture wide variety of window blinds.

    Download catalogue - Tooling for production of window blinds

    Undeniable advantage of our expertise and specialistic machinery is a possibility to realize advanced projects for customer’s individual order.